Green Lungs

12 times the oxygen exchange compare to forest

100% made in Malaysia

The first Microalgae production farm in South East Asia

Everything begins with micro aquatic organisms

Microalgae farming is not new, especially Spirulina farming is more than 45 years. However, “microalgae” is still a rather alien term for many people.

Algae is the basic of life as it supplies 80% of the world’s oxygen

We live with algae, the power of nature. The possibilities for using microalgae are almost endless.

Facts & Figures about Microalgae

The Amazing Microalgae




Active Development


Cell Aquatic Plant


% World’s Oxygen

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Latest News

Most Efficient Source of Fuel May Be Tiniest Organism

[USA] Algae often gets a bad rap — for creating dead zones in the ocean and toxic pond scum when the “wrong” algae blooms. But it also has a talent that may help people around the world.

The tiny single-celled, plantlike organisms known as algae are more efficient than other organisms at converting sunlight and carbon dioxide into the raw materials needed for foods, products and fuels. And not just a few specialized fuels.

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Food Start-ups Eye Algae as a Green Protein Source

The organism could help feed a growing population — if it can be grown economically. Entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly focusing on algae as an alternative protein source to help feed a global population that the UN forecasts will rise from 7.7bn today to 9.7bn by 2050. In the EU, the algae biomass sector is valued at €1.69bn and employs 14,000 people in research and development and the supply chain, according to a 2018 European Commission report.

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Interesting Facts About Algae

  • Algae is a one-celled plant that can grow in your pool if conditions are favorable.
  • There are over 400,000 known varieties of algae.
  • Algae are mainly found in marine or freshwater environments.
  • Algae produce oxygen which other aquatic life uses.
  • Algae are important to humans in the form of food and medicine.
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Our Experts

  • Enerson Yap

    Chief Executive Officer

    B.Sc. Computer Science

    Actively involves in software development since 1999, Enerson has supplied various IT solutions ranging from eCommerce, CMS, CRM, HR, Real Estate and Digital Media. A strong believer in green revolution by venturing into farming, recycling and waste management since 2016.

  • Marcus Fei

    Chief Marketing Officer

    M.Sc. Business Administration
    M.Sc. Financial Management
    B.Sc. Information Technology

    Marcus has been involved in the health and wellness natural products industry since 2001. His roles include various aspects as product sourcing, development, operations, marketing and business development in Malaysia and around South East Asia.

  • Dr. Mayakkannan

    Chief Scientist

    Ph.D. Algology – Plant Science
    M.Sc. Applied Plant Science
    B.Sc. Botany

    Phycologist, microalgae, herbal and tissue culture expert. Lead scientist in Aquatic Energy LLC in Lake Charles, Louisiana, USA for large scale microalgae biofuel and high value production.

  • Dr. Jayashree

    Head of R&D

    Ph.D. Microbial Biotechnology
    M.Sc. Biotechnology
    B.Sc. Plant Sciences

    Specialises in molecular biology, biochemistry, and plant tissue engineering. Involved in biodiesel, wastewater bioremediation, CO2 sequestration and high value product development via microalgae.

  • Dr. Liew Kan Ern


    Ph.D. Chemical & Process Engineering

    Specialises in R&D in sustainable development for food and energy. Held numerous key positions in EADS/Airbus Group, Sustaintable Fuel Centre of Excellence (CoE), Aerospace Malaysia Innovation Centre (AMIC).