Algae Living Fresh Chlorella 1L Green Water For Aquaculture




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100% Pure Natural Fresh Chlorella
Chlorella is high in protein and widely used as aquaculture feeds
Contains other essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins.
Growth enhancers and immunostimulants.
Improve nutrition, immunity, aquatic bioremediation, amelioration of stress, disease resistance of fish and aquatic animals
Natural and excellent food source for zooplankton, Moina, fin fish fry, baby shrimp, coral reefs and shellfish
Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness and quality for up to 3 months.
All our products are undergo scientific analysis and quality check by our experts upon every order
Note : *** Our Chlorella is Fresh water Species

*** Media(fertilizer) are not for sale at the moment, Customer can try their own fertilizer to sub-culturing purpose

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Weight 1100 g